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A Healthier Holiday Season with Life Foods

Do you feel like it’s impossible to eat well around the Thanksgiving season? Take a peek at some of our tips for a healthier holiday, and find some of our favorite recipes for a super wholesome plant-...

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Tempeh & Greens Stir-fry

A simple stir-fry featuring a heap of green veggies and our wonderfully uniquely delicious and totally soy-free Life Foods Aloha tempeh! ...

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Purity Superfoods Burger - 2 Pack
Submitted by Gina on 11/23/2014

How would you rate this product from 1-5 (1 - Terrible, 5 - Amazing!)

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What did you love about this product?

How easy it was to cook and the fact that it has SUPERFOODS!

What would you change about this product?


Any general feedback?

It was fantastic

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