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Health Buzzwords: Learn Truth from Hype!

On the surface, the products featuring buzzwords like ‘whole-grain,’ ‘antioxidant,’ and ‘gluten-free’ seem to indicate that foods on our grocery store shelves are b...

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Tempeh Bolognese Pasta Sauce

Few things are more comforting than a bowl of warming, filling pasta. This gluten-free, vegan Tempeh Bolognese sauce features whole veggies and our protein-rich Aloha Tempeh for a fully delicious mea...

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Aloha Tempeh (Mung Bean & Spice) - 8oz Pack
Submitted by Arlen on 07/30/2014

How would you rate this product from 1-5 (1 - Terrible, 5 - Amazing!)

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What did you love about this product?

the cheese-like texture

What would you change about this product?

include more varieties of beans

Any general feedback?

i like the spicy sweet flavor and smooth texture of this tempeh - unlike most plain types that have no taste/flavor - this one i enjoy eating

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