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Posted by on May 30, 2014 in Farm Spotlight | 0 comments

Farm Spotlight: Kumu Farms, Maui

Farm Spotlight: Kumu Farms, Maui


Kumu Farms, with locations on Maui and Molokai, is one of the largest diversified organic farms in the state of Hawaii. Between the two farms they grow Non-GMO papaya, bananas, greens, herbs and a wide variety of certified organic vegetables. The mission of Kumu Farms is stewardship of the land, offering viable employment for Maui residents and providing the community with good, fresh food. These motivations have garnered them much success. Kumu Farms, which began operations on Oahu decades ago, has grown extensively and now includes acreage on Molokai and even more on Maui. Life Foods is very thankful to have been working with this great farm since we started in 2013.

Life Foods has been so lucky to work so closely with the farmers at Kumu Farms. Kumu Farms in Waikapu (Maui) is just minutes from our Wailuku production kitchen, and it makes it convenient to get whatever vegetables we need. With the help of the diversified produce from Kumu Farms we’ve been able to experiment in our kitchens and feature as much local produce as possible in our product line. Here’s just a sampling of how their great produce that finds its way into our products:


Parsley, Cilantro: Superfood Veggie Burgers

Apple bananas: Banana Thai-Chi Hot sauce

Dill: Noni Ranch Dressing

Rosemary: Maqui Berry Balsamic

Fennel: Aloha Kraut

And best of all, it’s a reciprocal relationship. At the Kumu Farms farmstand they offer a variety of produce from their farm and other local Maui farms, as well as a select few packaged products, including a variety of Life Foods products. This is a great example of how our Farm-to-Shelf ideals are put into action. We source great produce locally, turn it into delicious, healthful products and then get it into local stores and continue to support our local businesses and our community with good products.


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