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Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Articles | 0 comments

We LOVE Organics!

We LOVE Organics!

It can’t be more simple: we LOVE organics! Organic foods and crops grown naturally, without using pesticides, USDA-Organic-Sealherbicides, fungicides or other chemicals, are the best for our planet, and better for our body too. Organic agricultural methods help rebuild the soil, leading to a healthier farm ecosystem and more nutrient-dense crops. Not only does organic agriculture help the soil, it improves our whole ecosystem by keeping chemicals out of the air, out of groundwater, and ensures safe habitat for birds and good bugs like butterflies and bees. Finally, organic agriculture avoids chemical contamination and reduces risk to farm workers.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, there are a multitude of benefits to organic agriculture!

Organic food tastes great!
Organic reduces risks to farm workers and consumers
Organic farms respect our water resources
Organic farmers build healthy soil
Organic farmers work in harmony with nature
Organic producers strive to preserve diversity
Organic producers are leaders in innovative research
Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy

Life Foods is committed to supporting local organic farmers, improving local agriculture, supporting biodiversity, reducing risk to farm workers and providing the healthiest, tastiest products to our consumers. We use only certified organic ingredients in our product line and our products and facilities are also certified organic.

To this end, Life Foods does not support the use of genetically-modified foods (also known as GMOs, genetically engineered or bioengineered foods). Genetic modification of foods is a technological process that changes plants at the genetic (DNA) level, done usually by inserting genes with desirable traits into existing plants. The most common GM foods are corn, soy, cotton and cottonseed, canola, papaya and zucchini, none of which are used as ingredients in our products. Avoiding the most common GM ingredients and choosing organic foods is the best way to avoid GMOs.

If you wish to learn more about organics, we recommend the following resources:

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Only Organic: Advocating Truth in Organic Labeling
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